Range Change During Battle

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Range Change During Battle

Postby shroge » Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:16 pm

(Snippet from the General Walkthrough)

Range Change During Battle
Now for the second building. I see that the default range for this battle is long range. Since my handgun is only good for close/medium ranges that means I'll have to change range during the battle so that I can cause some damage. I refill my energy since moving around in battles costs energy. As you can see, when I change range the hostile gets a free counter-attack at me. It looks like this hostile is strongest at long range, so I'll change range to close range before I start attacking.
Image Image Image Image Image Image

I took some heavy damage, but now I'm ready to attack. Notice the his attack value is pretty low now (7). It's random as to whether the hostile will attempt to change range back to his preferred range. This time he doesn't attempt it and I win easily.
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