List Of Help Links

List of help topics and tutorials.
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List Of Help Links

Postby shroge » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:54 pm

Here's a list of various help topics.

Game Walk-Through
- in-depth walk-through of the start of the game

Help Guide
- text version of the in-game help guide

Starting Characters and Weapon Types
- starting character comparison, comparisons of all weapon types

Movement Tutorial
- shows how to move when in simulated mode

Sim-Real-Sim Primary Tile Travel Trick
- shows how to get back to your primary tile without using movement points

Tile Improvements
- explains tile improvements and walks through creating them

Range Change During Battles
- demonstrates a battle where you have to change the range to accommodate your weapon

Convert Hostile Settlement to Militia Settlement
- explains militia settlements and shows you how to convert a hostile settlement into a friendly one

Task Hour Usage
- explains how to make the most out of your task hours

Battle Tips
- explains how to maximize your battle stats

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