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Battle Tips

Postby shroge » Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:55 pm

Getting you butt kicked by those pesky ambushers? Here's some tips to help out:

Lower Ambush Chance
You can get ambushed when moving from tile to tile. The best defense against this is to not get ambushed in the first place. Try to lower the chance that you will get ambushed:
- Spend perk points to lower the ambush chance: "On Foot" --> "Covert Ops" or "Driving" --> "Covert Driving"
- Build tile improvements in friendly/neutral territory and use them as roads to connect your settlements. Every tile improvement lowers your chance to get ambushed.
- If on foot, outfit yourself with weapons/clothing with high Concealment.
- If in a vehicle, buy all the upgrades that raise the Mobility rating. In vehicles the Mobility is the equivalent to Concealment on foot.
- Increase your Stealth trait with missions from the Mob mission line.
- When moving, equip yourself with a weapon with high close/medium stats. Most of the ambushes will start in close/medium range.

Raise Battle Stats
- Determine which traveling mode you prefer (On Foot or in a Vehicle) and use perk points in "On Foot" or "Driving" to raise the battle stats.
- If in a vehicle, equip a weapon that has a good vehicle bonus such as a Heavy Machine Gun (x2), Explosive(x1), Launcher(x1) or Assault Rifle(x1). The rest of the weapon types either have half attack value or no attack value in vehicles.
- Pick a couple types of weapons and always spend perk points on them under "Weapons Training". For example, if you are using a Shadow Warrior as a character type, they have built in bonuses with Blades and Bows. Use perk points to increase Blade Attack to the max for Close battles and use perk points to increase Bow attacks for Medium and Long range battles. You could also then choose to use perk point for a better long range weapon that is strong in vehicles such as Heavy Machine Gun, Explosives, Launcher, or Assault Rifle.
- Again, the most effective thing you can do is spend some perk points in "Weapons Training" maxing out a few weapons. The game is designed so that if you do not do this, it will be very, very hard to win.
- Upgrade your weapons to the max. Go see Ace or Kim at the Flea Market for upgrades.
- Upgrade your vehicles to the max. Go see Vanessa at the Flea Market or Butch at the Local Militia.

Battle Ranges
- Be sure to fight on your terms. If you have a strong Close range weapon equipped during a battle, either continue to change the range to close when you battle or switch to a different weapon type with stats that match the battle range.

- Go into battles with full health, travel tile to tile with full health or full vehicle health.
- The battle system is designed so that you will take damage, especially late in the game. Don't expect to walk away from any battle unscathed. Spend the occasional perk points on health to be sure that you keep up with the enemies as they get stronger.
- Assorted Medications heal a ton of health points. Always keep some stocked up when going into battles as a quick heal during the battle if your health gets low. There are some enemies where you will most likely have to fully heal a couple times during battle. You can get Assorted Medications from Clinic missions. Note that you cannot buy Assorted Medications, so completing the missions is the only way to get them.

- Always have food (restore energy) and drinks/health kits (health) on you when you travel or go into battle. You want to be at full health and have enough energy to move around during battles if necessary.

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