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Beta Launch of Savage Road: Apoc12

The Beta Launch is here! It's an apocalypse-themed 2D RPG game that uses google maps. You can play it in real location mode or simulated mode, if you don't want to use your real location in the world. 


You can freely download the Beta apk file for Android devices (phones or tablets) at:

You can either download it to your computer and then copy it to your Android device or download it directly to your Android device. If you download to your computer and then copy it over, the next step is to open a file manager/browser on your device and click the file. Install is then the typical routine as with all apps. It's a pretty big file (around 40Mb), so it might take a bit longer to download directly to your phone. Since this is a direct application install, you will have to have the Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources box checked since it is not being downloaded directly from the Android Marketplace for the Beta.

The Beta is scheduled for a 3 week duration, so the game terminates at the end of June. After that I plan on putting it up on Google Play (Android Marketplace).

I've tested it on the Galaxy Tablet and the original Motorola Droid. It's very responsive on the tablet, but kind of laggy on the Droid. The Droid is a 3 year old phone though. I'd be very interested to hear what type of device you're testing on and how the game plays on it. Please leave any feedback on the game, bugs, and comments in the forums or shoot me an email (

Thanks for your help!